Secrets of Growing Strong, Healthy Tomatoes from Seed

by on May 5, 2013

Tomatoes have to be one of the easiest plants to start from seed, but there can be some challenges that happen along the way. The way many people start tomatoes from seed is by using those inflatable peat pellets. They are fine and work OK, but I prefer to make my own seed starting mix and you will too after you see the results I get!

What’s the secret? Vermicompost and Mycorrhizae.

To know more about Vermicompost, just visit a few more pages on this site. Mycorrhizae is a fungi that helps build strong roots in your plants. The combination of mycorrhizae, beneficial bacteria, trichoderma, and plant vitamins will give your plants a strong and developed root system. This will enable your plants to break down and absorb nutrients efficiently and effectively. Also, it will increase water uptake and the overall absorption area of the root system, resulting in a healthier plant.

And a little bit of vermicompost and Mycorrhizae goes a long way. I have been starting my seedlings this way for years, but I put together an experiment to show you the differences between using these two ingredients and not.

My mix is simple: I start with a bag of off the shelf seedling starter mix. I prefer Jiffy Seed Starting Mix, but you can use any seedling starter mix. I use 10 cups of seedling starter mix and 1 cup of vermicompost or Earthworm Castings. Then I mix 1 teaspoon of Great White Premium Mycorrhizae with enough rainwater to make the entire mixture dampened, but not dripping water.

Mix all the ingredients together and fill your starter pots. I am a big fan of the Seed Starting Kits with the humidity domes and heat mats. They really provide for a nice start.

Here are the results that I get, every time!

These pictures were taken about 3 weeks after planting the seeds and right after I potted them up into larger, 4 inch pots.  The front row was grown only in the starter mixture and rainwater.  The middle row was grown using the same potting mixture and vermicompost.  The back row was grown using the potting mixture, vermicompost, and Great White Premium Mycorrhizae.  The results speak for themselves.


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