Tomatoes have to be one of the easiest plants to start from seed, but there can be some challenges that happen along the way. The way many people start tomatoes from seed is by using those inflatable peat pellets. They are fine and work OK, but I prefer to make my own seed starting mix […]

Welcome to our new website

by on November 25, 2011

We are pleased to bring you a newly redesigned website. For the past few years, our website has remained fairly static and we hope this new site will change that and bring lots of new features and information your way. Our hope is to bring you a vermicomposting community where we can share all our […]

Growing Garlic

November 8, 2011
Growing Garlic

Everyone has heard about the health benefits of garlic and many people, myself included, love the taste of garlic. Did you know that garlic is very easy to grow in your own garden and, like most things home grown, is richer in health benefits and tastes better that store bought garlic? I’ve just recently planted […]

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